Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ode to TEXAS, TEJAS! happy independence day (nearly 2 mos late!)

my old roommate from chicago, brad, (a michigan-breed) wrote an email after seeing the pictures from coll's visit, "Glad to see you still have that old wooden framed Texas flag." heck yes! if the navy movers ever damage this thing in a move...i'm not gonna lie, i might die! it should be noted, my dad loves to tell the story of how i traded a car in for this flag. not exactly true. i also got 4 other pieces of mexican pine furniture as well. :)

note the coffee table center. one of our best friends, sarah gave us the TEXAS STAR to follow us wherever we go. thank you sarah, WE LOVE IT!

shout out to all our TEXAS friends: the original old-school ones, transplant ones, and temporarily-away-from-home ones alike!
so i was FAR TOO BUSY moving to greece to acknowledge TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY on march 2, so here we are almost 2 months later and i remember. darn. we did have MIGAS on saturday and introduced them to 1 virgianian & 1 marylander (aka northerners), and they LOVED them. yes, we miss MIGAS. yes, we miss QUESO. yes, we miss RUDY'S. but since a fellow TEXAN, my friend coll (colleen) was here last week, we made black bean burritos, breakfast tacos, and most importantly queso to fulfill our TEX-MEX fix. are all the TEXANS out there appreciating the fact that TC (that's taco cabana) is READILY available for you and you can get a DOZEN TORTILLAS & QUESO ANYTIME?? hint hint: freeze it & bring it with u when u come! :) the schwalbe's who are texas transplants themselves, wish to shout out to texas, happy independence day!! sorry so late. we'll have a big texas independence day party next year to make up for it!! i'm sure the greeks will be holding their breath! :)

one more thing, it's not that you should hate texas or texans if you have not had the opportunity to travel there (i'm NOT talking about the i-want-to-stick-needles-in-my-eye drive across i-10 from el paso through houston), or if you have not been able to live there, even for a short time. it is just that you don't understand the pride. i mean really, what other state has pride like texas? and i was born in arkansas people!! but i got to texas as fast as i could at a young age. and i'm not going to go on about how we are the only state that can legally secede from the union, blah, blah, blah. that's not the solution. you ask why? because we would not want to make it difficult (e.g., passports to cross over) for you to come VISIT. i stress the visit part if you are looking at AUSTIN. (i will admit, as a bleeding red raider, the burnt-orange-painted town is a bit challenging for red raiders, ags, bears, hornfrogs, etc...!!) sorry, but we austinites are busting at the seems. so if you move to AUSTIN, please move outside to llano, wimberley, or other hill country places. as an engineer it drives ken crazy that there are so few roads to support the growing, and growing, and growing population of austin. i'm afraid our neighborhood where we still own our home (and rent it out), will practically be downtown when we return in 10-12 years. if you can't help yourself (which who can blame u) and you feel the need to move to TEJAS, i'm fairly certain frisco, outside dallas, has some availability! :)

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