Monday, April 2, 2007

mama & papa bear...and the cubs

here's a not so great picture of ken and i. next time we take a pic of ourselves, we'll try and not cut off ken's head! i went back to what i think may be my natural color, dishwater blonde or light brown?? who knows...i've been blonde for the better part of 12 years!
below is a pic of all the guys who work for ken. from l to r; ken, andy, cory, and dave. we really get along well with all of them...they are tons of fun! andy is the only one who is married but his wife is also in the navy and stationed elsewhere. so i'm mama bear taking care of all the cubs. :) i can call them cubs because they are all in their 20s, and sadly ken and i are not. :( p.s. ken's 34th is coming up on april 25!!!!

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