Wednesday, April 18, 2007

island adventures with our first visitor colleen

falasarna beach overlook

colleen "hiking" knossos ruins
erin getting electricuted at the knossos ruins (who knew they had electrocity back in BC times???)

falasarna beach
almost blowing off the cliff on the scary road between falasarna beach and elofonisi beach
cort and coll's dollar at el mundos
at a monestary ( i can't remember the name right now and i don't know here my tour book is.)

so i'm just going to say it straight away; if you plan on visiting, come for at least 10-14 days, just for crete alone. just doing 7 days with colleen was not enough. we had a great time!! did anyone know crete was so mountainous?? like driving the mountains and you want to throw up (if you have a weak stomach/fear of heights like me) mountainous? i had to trade seats with colleen and get in back and put on a blind fold. (i'm ordering extras for all our visitors!) we covered hersonnosissos, knossos ruins, (with my friend erin who lives here), samara gorge entrance with erin and dawn (a new navy wife friend), beaches, restaurants, shopping, champagne, and times!

3-4 yrs ago i developed a fear of heights and the coastal drive from falarsarna beach (#2 in crete) to elofonisa (#6 in crete) was, well...let's put it this way...colleen might be the only visitor that gets to drive that route, unless you go with just ken and echo. the route thru the mountains was much less intense. sorry for being out of touch on blogspot and phone; our internet went down and they were going to fix it on monday (which in greek time means wednesday). yay, finally we're back up and running. but no guarantees!! (as i'm learning is the case w/ everything in crete. but don't worry; i still LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i will add more pictues (b/c we have a TON) to our picasa web album and send the link on my next blog. hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

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Joy said...

It's so gorgeous there! Thanks for sharing the pictures.