Sunday, April 22, 2007

date night!

ken and i had our first date night since i arrived 1 month ago, and it was wonderful! we had a great dinner at tamum (easily one of my new favorite restaurants) and then checked out "rock night" at our landlord's coffee/bar - bar. our landlord, myronas has been insisting on us coming down and checking the place out. i did go the day before during the day and it's a great little coffee bar. great decor and super cozy. at night it's a bit different; and "rock night" was way different. but we had our 1 drink, listened to all the greeks shout to "pour some sugar on me," and got to see his place which made him very happy. but since i was wearing a pink and green dress, and ken was wearing his french blue shirt and khakis we felt only slightly (haha!) like red thumbs amongst all the greeks wearing black, brown or grey. nonetheless, a GREAT, FUN date night!! my hubby is wonderful!! :)

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