Sunday, April 22, 2007

blonde, again?? only for track suit night!

dawn...the creator of "track suit night"

the group

ken and ultra-blonde cort

echo was scared of mommy

so i decided to go back to blonde again...for one night! we had "track suit night." dawn (the self-proclaimed "non-creative" one) decided we should all go out in tracksuits. since i'm a fan of dressing up for no reason, for sure, we were in. i can't explain why but many greeks wear tracksuits. our intention was not to make fun but to take an observation, indulge it and have fun. karaoke is always fun unless you're like me and cannot sing. e.g. cameron diaz in 'my best friend's wedding.' i wondered why karaoke, but now i know it's because 4-5 of my new friends CAN really sing. we had tons of fun and yes, i won the dress up contest. :)

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