Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yahSAS crete!!

alas, i have arrived!!! no offense to hawaii but i thought it was the most magnificent place on earth...until last thursday when i arrived here in crete. i keep pinching myself! no wonder this was the epicenter of everything so long ago. the navy is going to have to peel me away from here in 2+ years. ken and i had a sweet reunion after three long months and he was able to take off Friday and Monday so we could explore and hang out. i love my house. i love where we live. and you will too when you come visit! echo is spoiled...she loves the smells all around our neighborhood. it's a beagle's paradise! don't worry, it's mostly smells of the ocean and flowers. the sheep/goats, aka as geeps next door are fascinated with Echo every time we leave to go on our walk. we have a beautiful view of the white mountains and souda bay. i really like everyone i've met so far. we have eaten some of the best, most fresh food i have ever tasted. i was in heaven at the market saturday morning picking out all of my fresh fruits and veggies for the week. even the italian restaurant we went to was excellent! but don't worry, mostly i've been eating greek. and of course ken made his fantastic pizzas last night. :)
well, i just wanted to let everyone know i have arrived and have mostly overcome the little jet lag i had. i will update this blog more often in the future. we're still sorting out the internet at the house and i can't wait, because hopefully we will have our skype internet phone working so i can call the states. until next time, yahsas. that means hello and goodbye! i'm adding a few pictures. the one at the top is the view of souda and the white mountains and the one below is the beach about 10 minutes from our house. p.s. echo won the race!


Joy said...

Thanks for sharing your greek life with us through this blog. It does look beautiful there!

olivia said...

hi dear, thanks for sending out the link to your blog. i am in sri lanka right now but we should meet up sometime... (usually i live in london)

have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kenneth and Cortney, I love reading about your life there in Greece. Sure sounds interesting. Hugs to you both. Love Mom, Kathleen