Saturday, March 31, 2007

scooter (aka joplin)

so right now i am watching a greek drama here on base. hilarious. actually what is even funnier is the "happy easter" commercial that just played with a lamb springing out of an egg. guess you had to be watching it!

i thought i would share some pictures of ken's car, scooter, aka as joplin. he was fixing the bumper and replacing a fuse earlier today.

i am sad to report although our internet account is working, unfortunately the dsl line is not. so the phone company rep is coming out on "monday." on which monday is anyone's guess. so no internet at home (or skype phone to call the states) yet...

the house is coming together (pics coming as soon as i'm done) and it looks like it might be ready for us to host easter lunch a week from tomorrow. (this year greek orthodox easter is the same day as easter in the states.) people from church (on base) will be coming over and we'll have traditional lamb & some greek and american sides. there will also be a baptism in our pool. i suspect the water will be quite cold because it's not exactly warm yet...the highs have been around 70. hopefully it warms up quickly because colleen wants some beach time and she'll be here in less than 2 weeks!

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